International Scale Rock Crawler Championship™

ISRCC™ EU 2022

Sep 24-25

AMFI Alsóörs
Alsóörs, Hungary

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AMFI Alsóörs
ISRCC™ EU 2022
ISRCC™ EU 2022

Final Ranking

1Bálint Czere (HU)-16-19-25-39-40-40-179
2Nándor Neruda (HU)-32-3-28-17-40-38-158
3Petri Kivikoski (FI)-4-20-30-27-40-34-155
4Zsolt Szabados (HU)-33-9-291-20-40-130
5Tamás Szivós (HU)-34-1326-19-40-38-118
6Tamás Szijjártó (HU)-10-2522-19-38-38-108
7András Várady-Szabó (HU)-332222-15-24-30-58
8Horatiu Chindris (RO)-34-22226-40-29-57
9Márk Szijjártó (HU)80613-37-37-47
10Pierre Silva (HU)26-922-6-40-37-44
11Adrian Prund (RO)-22-202250-30-40-40
12Andrea Ceresini (IT)-2052226-29-40-36
13Péter Kovács (HU)-9-42224-40-29-36
14Adrian Fratila (RO)-822-426-40-24-28
15Bogdan Craiciu (RO)-526-2950-39-30-27
16István Ádám (HU)112226-3-36-40-20
17Clemens Toscani (AT)28-132222-38-35-14
18Daniel Siegl (AT)-10222218-39-17-4
19Cristian Marin (RO)-6242217-40-89
20Florin Ionita (RO)2622-326-39-1814
21Busca Dragos (RO)-8243428-39-534
22Stefan Lindner (AT)3017630-25-2236
23Radu Andreas Balasiu (RO)26262834-28-3155
24Gerhard Kovarik (AT)2483430-35768
25Dan Iosif Frandos Baias (RO)32282830-19-1287
26Zian Andrei Balasiu (RO)34243634-18-7103
27Tiago Gonçalves (PT)-25-2922365050104
28Siminiceanu Silviu (RO)32283840-2824134
29Emilian Toscani (AT)36283432109149
30Cezar Chindris (RO)34242426-750151
31Márcio Correia (PT)55050-105050195
32Bora Catalin (RO)34503450-1650202
33Adrian Bucur (RO)363024505050240
34Vicentiu Mihai Dascalu (RO)363836405050250
35Bora Horatiu (RO)365050505050286


  • C1S, C2S, C3S, … – Course # Score
  • TS – Total Score
  • FR – Final Ranking
Yuuki™ Rock Master Cup 2022
Yuuki™ Rock Master Cup 2022

Final Ranking

1István Ádám (HU)-137:24
2Zsolt Szabados (HU)35:41
3Petri Kivikoski (FI)36:07
4Adrian Prund (RO)48:01
5Bálint Czere (HU)98:02
6Pierre Silva (HU)22DNF
7Andrea Ceresini (IT)22DNF
8Tamás Szivós (HU)24DNF
9Horatiu Chindris (RO)24DNF
10Péter Kovács (HU)28DNF
11Adrian Fratila (RO)30DNF
12Cristian Marin (RO)32DNF
13Nándor Neruda (HU)36DNF


  • TS – Total Score
  • TT – Total Time
  • FR – Final Ranking

What’s This?

ISRCC™ EU 2022 is the official franchise competition event of ISRCC™ International Scale Rock Crawler Championship founded by IRCCF® (International Radio Controlled Rock Crawler Competitors Federation) with 10 gates and a maximum time limit of 10 minutes per course. Number of courses per day yet to be determined depending on the total number of registered comp drivers.

ISRCC™ is a global performance-driven scale rock crawler competition event format and aimed to provide premium quality annual competitions worldwide for all the drivers who keep challenging the limits of their scale rock crawlers and driver skills.

The ISRCC™ Ruleset is proudly based on the actual WRCCA Performance Scale rules with minor modifications belonging to the scope of localization.

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